Found image of a road sign used on the Short-term Counselling page of Gill Jackman, a counsellor working in the Chew Valley, North Somerset


“I do realise that you may not remember me… (but…) I would just like you to know how much your work really helps people, and you will always have a place in my memories and heart.” — Ex-client

Over the years, I’ve realised that many people struggle to commit themselves to counselling or simply can’t find the time. This can lead to starting something but not seeing it through to completion. Often, what people need at this point in their lives is short-term help to focus on what’s bothering them so that, with the counsellor, they get a chance to see things clearly.

Solution-focused counselling is about identifying the specifics of a problem and what things would look like if the problem was solved.

There are often many deep and difficult feelings preventing people from acting in a way that will help them. Part of this short-term process involves seeing clearly what these are and dissolving them. It is likely that this will involve bringing to light the way in which you are thinking about something and challenging it.

Solution-focused work begins with a session of one-and-a-half hours and I can offer up to five further sessions. For your wellbeing, it is imperative that the last session we have is planned for and anticipated. Suddenly stopping and not returning could wipe out any benefits you have received. Planning for and keeping to a last session is a requirement of working with me.

Solution-focused work is likely to involve homework, perhaps in the form of exercises or simply specific tasks that come out of our meetings, and is designed to help immediately in the here and now.